The Alexander W Davie Trust Educational Support

How to Apply

When considering any application to the Trust, the Trustees require sight of supporting paperwork in respect of the family’s financial position as disclosed in the application form. For employed individuals, the Trustees will require the post recent P60 or 3 latest payslips, while families receiving income from self-employment must provide the Trustees with a copy of their audited accounts for the latest three years. The Trustees will not be in a position to consider an application until they have received the aforementioned documentation. A list of all supporting paperwork requirements is included on the application form. You can download the application forms in Adobe (pdf) or Microsoft Word (doc) format. The completed forms for University/College should ideally be returned by 20th August as an e-mail attachment or by post to Lynne Burke, Ledingham Chalmers LLP, Johnstone House, 52-54 Rose Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1HA Any applications received after this date will still be considered by the Trustees although payments may be delayed. Applications for any other purpose can be submitted at any time during the year. Guidance notes for completion of application pdf format Microsoft Word Application for Primary pupils pdf format Microsoft Word Application form for students Secondary pupils pdf format Microsoft Word Application form for students Undergraduate students pdf format Microsoft Word Application form for schools Post Graduate students pdf format Microsoft Word The Trustees have the option to interview candidates prior to or after the Trustees’ meeting as part of the assessment process All decisions are final and there is no appeal process – applicants may, however, reapply.